Performance Analysis of Antenna-relay Selection in CNOMA Systems under Practical Impairments




channel estimation error, CNOMA, outage probability, relay selection, transmit antenna selection


Selection strategies prove to be a valuable approach in mitigating complexity associated with antenna selection (AS) and relay selection (RS), optimizing signal transmission through a streamlined number of antennas/relays, and enhancing overall system performance. This paper offers a comprehensive analysis, deriving closed-form expressions for the outage probability (OP) and throughput in proposed scenarios that leverage the best relay selection (BRS) and transmit antenna selection (TAS) protocol for cooperative non-orthogonal multiple access (CNOMA), along with partial relay selection (PRS) and TAS protocol for CNOMA. The study extends to Rayleigh fading channels, considering practical impairments such as successful interference cancellation (SIC) error, channel estimation error (CEE), and feedback delay error. In comparing the proposed system to conventional CNOMA, our findings highlight the substantial impact of SIC, CEE, and feedback delay imperfections on the performance of both proposed scenarios. Notably, the application of BRS-based TAS protocol outperforms PRS-based TAS in terms of OP and throughput. The close alignment between analytical, asymptotic, and simulation results attests to the credibility of conducted analysis.


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