Analyzing Performance of THz Band Graphene-Based MIMO Antenna for 6G Applications




6G, DGS, graphene, MIMO antenna, NL, THz band


In this paper, a compact 2×2 hexagon ring-shaped MIMO antenna operating at the terahertz band is proposed for future 6G wireless communication applications. The antenna is designed using graphene, due to its unique high-speed transmission capabilities. DGS and NL decoupling approaches are applied to enhance isolation between the two radiating elements. A parametric study is performed to investigate the significance of using these methods. Performance in terms of different metrics is studied using the CST Microwave Studio simulator. The final outcomes show that the proposed MIMO antenna achieves 23 dB of isolation, 0.004859 of ECC, 0.004 bits/sec/Hz of CCL, and efficiency of 98%.


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